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Integration of Buderus Logamatic 4321/4322 boiler automation into Modbus network

Description of the Buderus heating system connection experience in the Modbus network

MB-LON Buderus Modbus
Buderus heating system

After a successful experience with the air conditioning system, discussed in the article "Integration of Daikin air conditioning systems in Modbus", it was time to take care of the heating.

The same object, the same conditions - the heating system was designed for LonWorks network, but in fact it must connect to the controller with Modbus RTU. So once again we will use the proven equipment - the MB-LON adapter, which allows us to link both networks.

MB-LON Logamatic LON-Gateway
Logamatic LON-Gateway

The purpose of the project is to enable monitoring and control of the building heating system (based on Buderus equipment) using the Modbus RTU protocol.

The configuration of the heating system is as follows. Two Logano GE315 boilers provide five heating circuits and one DHW circuit. The boilers are controlled by automatics Logamatic 4321/4322. To connect the automation to the LON network the gateway Logamatic LON-Gateway is used.

The following table lists two groups of system parameters for monitoring and control.

The system project created with the LonMaker package is as follows:

Configuration of the MB-LON adapter is reduced to mapping each system parameter to the corresponding Modbus register address. As a result, the heating system is monitored and controlled using standard Modbus RTU protocol read and write commands. The system is put into normal operation. 

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