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Adapter Modbus - LonWorks 

MB-LON (version 2)

  Adapter Modbus – LonWorks

Адаптер MB-LON

The second version of the popular firewall adapter, created based on the experience of the previous model and the wishes of customers.


MB-LON is a configurable adapter between LonWorks and Modbus RTU networks.  MB-LON allows the integration of Modbus devices into LonWorks and LonWorks devices in a Modbus network.


In Master mode MB-LON allows you to poll multiple Modbus slave devices and associate them with LonWorks devices. In Slave mode MB-LON is polled by a Modbus master and provides access to LonWorks devices.  Data from LonWorks network variables are converted into data for Modbus registers and vice versa. The Modbus register query intervals and update intervals of the LonWorks network variables are freely configurable. The Modbus map of registers and the types of LonWorks network variables (SNVT) are also freely configurable. The only program used to configure MB-LON is the standard LonMaker package.


MB-LON Руководство

MB-LON Features

  • Lowest price on the market

  • Configurable adapter between LonWorks TP/FT10 and Modbus RTU RS-485 networks

  • Converts 220 LonWorks variables into Modbus registers

  • Uses the standard Sensor and Actuator functional profiles (LonMark ver.3.3)

  • Uses Modbus registers of INPUT and HOLDING types

  • Working with single Modbus registers, register pairs, register arrays

  • Modbus data format - signed, unsigned and floating point (IEEE 754)

  • Supports all scalar (not structural) types of LonMark SNVT

  • Supports structural types up to 8 bytes long, enumerated types

  • Allows changing SNVT types dynamically using the LonMaker package

  • No credits were spent during the installation (Commission) of the device in the LonWorks network

  • Enables scaling of Modbus registers data (x10, x0.1, etc.)

  • Configurable for each node parameters Min/max send time, send on delta

  • Supports Override mode for each node

  • Bidirectional exchange between LonWorks and Modbus networks

  • Supply Voltage ±6..24

  • Input power not more than 2W

  • Housing size 36mm L x 90mm W x 58mm H, DIN rail mounting

  • LED status indication of Modbus and LonWorks

  • Operating temperature -40°С .. +70°С

  • Humidity 5%..90%

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