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Universal gateway Modbus - LonWorks 



 Universal gateway Modbus - LonWorks 

LM-GATE is a freely configurable gateway between LonWorks and Modbus RTU networks.  LM-GATE allows the integration of Modbus devices into LonWorks and LonWorks devices into the Modbus network.


In Master mode, LM-GATE allows you to poll multiple Modbus slave devices and associate them with LonWorks devices. In Slave mode, LM-GATE is polled by a Modbus master and provides access to LonWorks devices.  Data from LonWorks network variables are converted into data for Modbus registers and vice versa. Configuration of LM-GATE is performed via RS-485 port with the help of free LM-GATE Tool.

LM-GATE Features

  • Configurable gateway between LonWorks TP/FT10 and Modbus RTU RS-485 networks

  • DOES NOT NEED the experience with the LonWorks protocol

  • DOES NOT NEED any special license software for configuration (LonMaker, NL220, etc.)

  • DOES NOT NEED project files of the existing LonWorks network

  • DOES NOT CHANGES the existing LonWorks network during configuration and operation

  • Configuration with the free LM-GATE Tool

  • Loading of configuration via RS-485 port  

  • Converts 1500 LonWorks variables into Modbus registers

  • Uses Modbus registers of INPUT and HOLDING types

  • Working with single Modbus registers, register pairs, register arrays

  • Modbus data format - signed, unsigned, floating point (IEEE 754), array

  • Supports all types of LonMark SNVT

  • Enables scaling of Modbus registers data (x10, x0.1, etc.)

  • Enables operation in Master and Slave modes

  • Provides direct and buffered polling of LonWorks variables

  • Bidirectional exchange between LonWorks and Modbus networks

  • Supply voltage ±6..24

  • Input power not more than 2W

  • Housing size 36mm L x 90mm W x 58mm H, DIN rail mounting

  • LED status indication of Modbus and LonWorks

  • Operating temperature -40°С .. +70°С

  • Humidity 5%..90%

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