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Adapter КМ-5 - LonWorks 

Адаптер KM-LON


 LonWorks - adapter for heat meters and flow meters series КМ-5 / RМ-5

KM-LON adapter is intended for information transfer from heat meters of KM-5 series and flow meters of RM-5 series to any dispatching automated systems operating in LonWorks networks.

The device transmits data from heat meters and flow meters to standard SNVT network variables. The data are transmitted to the LonWorks network either cyclically, at an adjustable interval, or by value change.  

The adapter is a complete unit, ready for use. The device is galvanically isolated from the electronic module of the heat meter. The KM-LON diagnostics is carried out via LEDs on the top panel of the module and via a fieldbus status variable.


KM-LON Руководство
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